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These are just a handful of our favourite moments. It is so hard to whittle it down to just a few. Our portfolio shows you our signature style and feel of our photos. Please get in touch to take a look at our full galleries. 

We capture real, candid photos. We are obsessed with passing moments and love to tell our stories by showing movement and "imperfections" so that you can really feel something from your photos.



"I’m not sure where to start! Eloise and Mitch are the most friendly, professional, understanding, hardworking and are incredible at what they do!

You can’t even put a price tag on the memories they captured for us. Thank you so much Eloise and Mitch for everything!! you both have been incredible throughout and have been nothing but amazing and just totally lovely. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you."

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"The best wedding photographers in the UK. From destination weddings to wedding photography on home soil, these are the most talented Photographers."

"We’ll just say it: Eloise and Mitch might just be the coolest wedding photographers/filmmakers in the UK right now. Based in Essex, the couple are crazy about the outdoors (they have a camper van named ‘Odyssey’, FYI) and are on a mission to capture heartfelt, soulful moments with newlyweds. And boy, do they do it well.

Whether you love having your photo taken or are pretty camera shy, Eloise and Mitch help couples ease into the photography. What makes us love this pair so much is the true joy they get form taking photos of couples, be it dreamy dinner scenes in the hills of Tuscany or cocktails with guests in the centre of London."

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Thank you so much for taking the time to discover our work! We are so happy you are here. Photography and film gives us so much joy and there is nothing we love more. We have so many 'pinch me' moments and have made the most amazing memories with our couples all over the world.​ We are currently travelling around the UK in our camper. Simplifying everything, taking it day by day and being present is what we revolve our world around.

We are inspired by nature, people and how all these things connect. The feeling that being behind a camera lens brings to our souls, we wouldn't change a thing.


We feel so incredibly grateful that we get to experience and capture such an amazing part of a couples journey. We love meeting our couples and hearing their stories. We are super down to earth and love couples who are celebrating in a way that is unique to them.

Believe it or not we are pretty camera shy ha! We completely get how some people really dread the idea of being on camera but that is where we come in - capturing authentic and emotive moments is what we live for. We truly believe that if you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera that is what really tells your story. We promise, we will make you feel so at ease and you will walk away going "hey, that was pretty fun haha!" We want your photos to feel like you.

We are engaged! Wedding planning is fun but we completely get that you feel the pressure and importance to find the right people to capture your day. Trust is such a massive part. If you love looking back at photos and making memory books as much as we do you will really understand the importance of having the right people capture your day for you. Our best advise when looking for a photographer is to look at their work and if it truly resonates with you both and you get 'that feeling' then go for it! 

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